HANSVUE offers training for Geometry Dimensioning and Tolerance Training , both theory and practical.

What is GD & T?

Video Measuring Machine is a sophisticated metrology device that utilizes advanced optical and imaging technologies to capture high-resolution images of objects and components. These images are then analyzed by specialized software to obtain precise measurements of dimensions, shapes, angles, and other critical feature

Benefits of GD&T Training

Improved design accuracy

Enhanced collabo-

Reduce costs

Compliance with industry standards

Participants learn how to creaParticipants learn how to create clear and precise engineering drawings.te clear and precise engineering drawings.

GD&T fosters better communication between design and manufacturing teams.

Proper GD&T implementation can minimize scrap, rework, and manufacturing errors.

GD&T training ensures adherence to international standards like ASME Y14.5 and ISO 1101.

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MR. ON ENG HENG at 012-2135901