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Casting Measurement Solutions in Malaysia

Casting manufacturing has the characteristics of convenient molding, strong adaptability, and almost unlimited workpiece size and shape, and is widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing. With the demand for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, the defects caused by traditional casting processes have become increasingly prominent. For example, affected by the production process, the dimensional accuracy, surface quality and microstructure of the castings are poor, the pores and sand holes on the surface of the castings, the shape and size of the castings are out of tolerance, etc., which directly affect the performance of the castings.

Comprehensive solutions involving multiple types, multiple processes, and multiple scenarios

Measure before processing the blank

Detection elements:
Provide high-precision measurement for various transmission components: cylinder block, cylinder head, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft.

Quality inspection of investment castings

Detection elements:
With the help of infrared or optical scanning measurement technology, the car elbow is measured in a non-contact form, and the professional analysis and evaluation are further completed with the help of advanced software technology.

Batch inspection of die castings

Detection elements:
Use the flexible articulated arm scanning system to accurately obtain the shape and size of automotive interior parts. Fast scanning speed, high point cloud quality, high-precision measurement of complex surfaces

Die-cast blade measurement

 Detection elements:
Utilize the blue light camera measurement system to collect massive data, match and optimize the body and interior and exterior trim parts to ensure the dimensional accuracy and appearance quality of the whole vehicle

Box casting measurement

Detection elements:
Automotive electronic components are small in size and complex in features. A high-end composite image measuring instrument is used to combine trigger, optical, DCC and confocal white light sensors to complete the measurement of all the characteristics of complex electronic components.

Engine crankcase inspection

Detection elements:
Combine raster scanning technology with flexible robot performance to realize functions such as interactive scanning planning, robot path generation and anti-collision system, greatly improving detection efficiency

3D automatic measurement of parts

 Detection elements:
Combine raster scanning technology with flexible robot performance to realize interactive scanning planning, robot path generation and anti-collision system functions, which greatly improves detection efficiency.

Car clearance and face difference measurement

Detection elements:
Using NEXTSENSE’s laser light section technology, the gap and face difference of the car can be measured from different angles, the inner edge of the gap can be measured, and the tilt correction can be performed in real time.

Possess Multi-sensor technology

Optical image measurement

Mainly used for 2D size detection, suitable for quick measurement of small parts size and features


Various types of stylus can be configured to perform three-dimensional spatial inspection of products

Laser measurement

Used for part height and flatness measurement, measurement speed is faster than optics and foundation, non-contact measurement

White light confocal measurement

Used for part height, flatness and profile measurement. Higher accuracy, less than 1μm, faster scanning speed, smaller spot diameter, measurement of bright or transparent surfaces